Clouddancers Uncutable™
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Since Clouddancers started the production of our premium product Uncutable™ covers in 2009 this product has convinced a lot of customers! Starting point for the development of the covers was the idea to offer covers that combine highest tensile strength with even better ventilation. To achieve this the cotton layer of dual layer standard cover is replaced by our 2mm thick, strong, yet soft mesh frabric on the surfaces of the wings and the elevator. As a result the covers are extremely robust - the mesh frabric will not tear even if pulled over sharp edges like winglets. At the same time the air circulation is yet improved - this and the fact that the mesh material is purely synthetic - makes the covers very resistant to mould. With the improvements mentioned the Uncutable™ covers are ideally suited for clubs and for extremely wet climates. The image on the right provides a detailed overview of the functionality of Uncutable™ covers.

Impact protection

With this cover variant, several layers of the mesh fabric can be integrated into the upper side of the wings and the elevator as impact protection if required. These covers effectively protect the surfaces of the aircraft from light mechanical stresses, such as those that can occur in light hail. These covers are therefore particularly suitable for pilots who, for example, have no opportunity to hangar or dismantle their aircraft after transporting containers

Water draining edge

Since the beginning of 2012, Clouddancers has been producing all all-weather covers with an integrated water drip edge. The rainy German Championships in 2011 gave Clouddancers this idea. Clouddancers covers kept the gliders dry in heavy rain, sometimes for days on end, with the occasional exception that significant amounts of dripping could reach the area of the grid fabric on the underside of the wing and be soaked up by the fabric. The integrated water drip edges eliminate this weak point.

Reinforcements in the wing spur area

When gliders with all-weather covers are hangared or taken off with the wing covers on, it is easy to inadvertently drop a wing and damage the wing cover in the area of the wing spur/wheel. Since the beginning of 2012, Clouddancers has therefore been producing all all-weather covers with sewn-in reinforcements in the wing spur area, which can really take a beating.

Shirring belts

Clouddancers recommends using the integrated detachable gathering straps at the end of the wing for removal, storage and re-installation. This makes the cover package easy to handle, nothing falls off and, in particular, putting it on over the winglets is very convenient. The gathering straps are included as standard with every all-weather cover.

Cover bags

All covers are supplied with cover bags in the appropriate size. For complete cover sets, there is a choice between cube-shaped bags and a flat bag that fits perfectly in the drawer compartment of a Cobra trailer, protecting the cover from dirt and moisture.

Quick clamping system

The quick-release system is Clouddancer's latest functional improvement. With the quick-release system, the wing covers can be changed from a normal configuration for optimum ventilation to a strong wind configuration in just a few seconds. The previously sagging cover is stretched tightly around the sash profile, minimizing the tendency for the fabric to flap in the wind. Of course, the quick-release system can also be locked in any intermediate position so that the seat can be freely adjusted after the covers have been easily pulled up.

 no accessories
 Windows for water inlets (+75,60 €)
Call sign
 without Call sign on the tail
 with Call sign on the tail (+150,00 €)
Double layer mesh/fabric
 Aileron (+102,00 €)
 Elevator (+108,00 €)
 Aileron & Flaps (+202,80 €)
 Elevator & Aileron & Flaps (+309,60 €)
Ouick tied System
 No Ouick tied System
 Up to 15m wingspan (+144,00 €)
 Up to 18m wingspan (+169,20 €)
 Up to 20m wingspan / Double seater (+201,60 €)
 Open class (+234,00 €)
 Up to 15m wingspan (+516,00 €)
 Up to 18m wingspan (+600,00 €)
 Up to 20m wingspan / Double seater (+660,00 €)
 Open class (+714,00 €)
Solar window
 without Solar Cell Window
 with Solar Cell Window (+150,00 €)
Span / Completion
 Up to 15m wingspan
 Up to 18m wingspan (+228,00 €)
 Up to 21m wingspan / Double seater (+462,00 €)
 Open class (+750,00 €)
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"Statement der Lackfabrik Bäder zum Zwischenfall beim Alaska Airlines Flug 1282. ... [Schraubensicherungslack] ist ein essenzieller Bestandteil jeder guten Qualitätskontrolle. ..." [mehr]

- 23%
8.33 kHz - TQ - KRT2 - Standard
8.33 kHz - TQ - KRT2 - Standard

Item no.: [2708]
instead 1.799,- € / pcs
only 1.399,- € / pcs
- 11%
8.33 kHz - Trig TY96
8.33 kHz - Trig TY96

Item no.: [2838]
instead 3.228,- € / pcs
only 2.899,- € / pcs
- 34%

Item no.: [3428]
instead 2.662,80 € / pcs
only 1.758,- € / pcs
- 18%
TQ - ADS-B Out KIT 2
TQ - ADS-B Out KIT 2

Item no.: [3622]
instead 467,- € / pcs
only 385,- € / pcs
- 29%
TQ - KTX2-S.V2
TQ - KTX2-S.V2

Item no.: [3147]
instead 2.938,80 € / pcs
only 2.099,- € / pcs
- 15%
Trig TT22 Class I
Trig TT22 Class I

Item no.: [1776]
instead 3.198,- € / pcs
only 2.750,- € / pcs
- 12%
Trig TT21 Class II
Trig TT21 Class II

Item no.: [1688]
instead 2.868,- € / pcs
only 2.540,- € / pcs
- 11%
Trig TT31
Trig TT31

Item no.: [1687]
instead 3.336,- € / pcs
only 2.990,- € / pcs
Pilot CO Charger
Pilot CO Charger

Item no.: [3825]
49,50 € / pcs
LiFePO4 Airbatt 10Ah Supply Battery
LiFePO4 Airbatt 10Ah Supply Battery

Item no.: [2444]
160,- € / pcs
Panel mount holder - Swan 2 Wireless
Panel mount holder - Swan 2 Wireless

Item no.: [3824]
89,- € / pcs
Panel mount holder - Swan 2 USB
Panel mount holder - Swan 2 USB

Item no.: [3823]
79,- € / pcs
Panel mount holder - Swan 2
Panel mount holder - Swan 2

Item no.: [3822]
69,- € / pcs
- 30%
C pendant for necklace
C pendant for necklace

Item no.: [2118]
instead 20,- € / pcs
only 14,- € / pcs
Oudie 2 to Oudie N upgrade
Oudie 2 to Oudie N upgrade

Item no.: [3821]
890,- € / pcs
Oudie 1 to Oudie N upgrade
Oudie 1 to Oudie N upgrade

Item no.: [3820]
990,- € / pcs
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