LX 8030
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The successor to the legendary LX8080!

  • More pixels with 31% larger screen
  • Integrated Wi-Fi module at no extra charge
  • Same functions as all other LXxxxx devices possible

The LX8030 is a high-end glider system with an extremely bright color display. - The successor to the legendary LX8080 - Has all the popular functions of the LX80xx / LX90xx family - Screen 31% larger - Its simple and logical operating concept is just as suitable for top pilots as it is for beginners or club use - The device comes with pre-installed worldwide land and terrain maps as well as airspace and airfield databases where available - WiFi option for Skysight weather, TopMeteo weather, NOTAMs (GPS Aerodata), updates, WeGilde upload, Soaring Spot and SeeYou Cloud, rain radar - PowerFlarm collision warning system can be integrated, 2 Flarm antennas and ADS-B optional - Flight data recorder, approved to the highest IGC standards, is also integrated - Complex tasks with area task support easily possible. - Flight optimization in real time according to FAI or OLC regulations - The multilingual software is identical to all LX80xx and LX90xx - Wind calculation in real time via integrated horizon hardware and external compass module - Connection to common radios and transponders (control, frequency transfer, data for ADS-B out)

  • Super-bright 4.0 inch color display with 480 x 480 pixels, readable even in full sunlight. Backlight automatically adjusted via photosensor
  • Linux operating system for fast and stable operation
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Operation via the familiar and popular LX philosophy with 6 push buttons and 4 rotary switches. A remote control for even more input convenience is also available
  • Horizon hardware built into the variometer (V8, V80) for real-time wind calculation (compass module required) and compensation optimization
  • Coupling to common radio devices and transponders possible (control, frequency transfer, data for ADS-B out)
  • Collision warning system can be integrated, with graphic and acoustic or voice display (selectable)
  • Flarm RF antenna and ADS-B reception can be integrated as an option
  • Wi-Fi option and LXNAV Connect: SkySight and TopMeteo weather data, rain radar, firmware and database updates via the Internet, WeGlide upload, Soaring Spot and SeeYou Cloud access

  • AAT Assistant with isolines and color display of speed, distance and delta time
  • Worldwide vectorized maps Terrain data in high resolution as well as airspace data with new display
  • Compass module for wind calculation and heading
  • Available airspace data and airfields pre-installed
  • Easy update of databases and firmware (including peripheral devices) via USB, WiFi or an external SD card reader (optional)
  • Approved, integrated logger in accordance with IGC standards
  • Download of flights in IGC format via USB, WiFi (also direct upload) or an external SD card reader (optional)
  • Supports multiple databases for turnpoints and tasks
  • Simple handling of complex tasks with assigned areas
  • Supports various departure procedures and target circles
  • Total energy compensated approach to the departure line
  • Real-time flight optimization according to FAI or OLC regulations
  • Extensive flight statistics: with OLC legs, task, thermal profile and more
  • PAN function: move anywhere on the map
  • Free profile design with the LX Styler program for PC
  • Style function also directly on the device: redesign at any time. Of course, the convenient method using the LX Styler PC program is retained
  • Use of ICAO charts and other raster charts (IFOS, DFS, ROGERS DATA)
  • Flight Viewer: reanalyze flights directly on the map
  • Train the functionality with the simulator

Technical details

  • 262144 Colors
  • 4.0″ screen (2.8" active)
  • 480 x 480 pixel resolution
  • 1200 Cd brightness
  • Dual Core ARM Cortex-A9 processor with 1GHz
  • 16Gb data memory
  • 6 push buttons and 4 rotary switches
  • 56-channel μBlox GPS receiver, supports Galileo and GLONASS
  • PowerFlarm, 2x Flarm antenna, ADS-B can be integrated (optional)
  • ENL for motor gliders, jet and electric via external MOP sensor (optional)
  • IGC pressure altitude sensor
  • Main display: 82mm x 82mm x 77mm (W x H x D), without connector
  • Variometer unit V8, V9 Ø 57mm (aviation standard) x 92mm deep (without connections)
  • Variometer unit V80 Ø 80mm (aviation standard) x 130mm deep (without connectors)
  • Weight: ~472g (main display)
  • Power consumption main display approx. 300 mA @ 12V, with 100% backlighting
  • Intelligent energy management
  • Automatic backlight control (also fixed possible)
  • Power consumption vario unit: 130 - 180mA @ 12V


  • PDA/PNA port, also suitable for Bluetooth module
  • External SD card reader, optional
  • USB port
  • Serial RS232 port
  • RS485 system bus interface
  • PowerFlarm interface
  • 2x Flarm antenna connection (2nd antenna must be enabled)
  • GPS antenna connection
  • ADS-B antenna connection (optional)
  • Connection cable set with power supply


  • Two-seater second system: LX8030D (combination with all LX90xxD and LX80xxD possible)
  • Activation of artificial horizon for position reference display
  • Optionally available with V80 Vario or with V9 Vario (on request!)
  • Remote control via stick
  • Integration of PowerFlarm, 2x Flarm antenna, ADS-B
  • Bridge for communication with radio and transponder
  • Integrated WiFi module (rain radar, soaring spot, updates, ....)
  • Flarm ACL (strobe light control via Flarm)
  • FLARM displays: TrafficView, TrafficView57, Flarmview, FlarmView57, FlarmLED, FlarmLED+
  • High-precision magnetic field sensor (9 sensors)
  • Additional variometer displays
  • Flap sensor
  • MOP. Engine sensor for gliders with jet or electric engine
  • USB socket for panel mounting
  • Bluetooth module for PDA port

A "Club" version is also available as a cheaper entry-level version!

Some software features are not available in the club version. These are functions that are easily dispensable, especially in club operations. However, these functions can easily be purchased later, even individually. The device remains in the aircraft for this purpose. The features are activated by us. On the hardware side, there is no difference between the club version and the full version

 without ADS-B
 with ADS-B (+708,00 €)
FLARM module
 without FLARM
 with PowerFLARM one antenna (+948,00 €)
 with PowerFLARM two antennas (+1.122,00 €)
 with artificial horizon (+828,00 €)
 HAWK 3D wind calculation + AHRS (+1.308,00 €)
SD card reader
 external SD card reader (+120,00 €)
 V8 - 57mm
 V80 - 80mm (+228,00 €)
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(incl. 20% VAT) 
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LXNAV Eintauschaktion - LX9000

Ihr wollte Euren alten Rechner oder LX80xx/90xx gegen ein LX9000 mit V8 Vario und HAWK eintauschen? Jetzt im Juni und Juli haben wir einen unschlagbare Eintauschaktion dafür, bei Interesse schreibt uns an [info@streckenflug.at]

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